Ray Transmission Background

This is what we are going to create:
Finished image

This tutorial is written for Paint Shop Pro, version 9,
but should work fine in any version :)
Download a demo here: http://www.corel.co.uk/

You will need two plugins in order to do this tutorial,
please install them and restart your psp and you are ready to go :)
I will not give you any links to the plugin filters, cause the links change all the time,
so if you are missing a plugin - just google for it.

The plugin filters you need are:
VM Extravaganza (Ray Transmission)
Simple filters (Quick tile)

Okey... let's get started :)

1. Open a new image (File/New) with settings like below:
New image, width & height 200 pixels, 16 Million colors and transparent background

2. Floodfill with a dark color, I used #50619a

3. Use a light color (I used #c2bbf5) and with your paintbrush, settings like this:
Brush settings
draw a big "8" at your image like this:
Draw a big 8 at your image

4. Go to Effects/Plugins/VM Extravaganza/Ray Transmission with these settings:
Ray Transmission settings: Rays: 7, Zoom In/Out: 81, Ray Contrast: 69

5. Go to Effects/Plugins/Simple/Quick tile and press Apply

You should now have an image looking like this:
Finished image

If you would like to have your background a bit different, you can follow these two steps:
Go to Effects/Plugins/Simple/4 Way Average
and Effects/Plugins/Simple/Top Left Mirror and your background
will now look slightly different like this:
Optional background finished

You can also try different numbers for different backgrounds...


Thank you for following my tutorial.
If you have any questions of comments feel free to send me an email.