Mini Mosaic Background

This is what we are going to create:
Finished image

This tutorial is written for Paint Shop Pro, version 9,
but should work fine in any version :)
Download a demo here:

You will need three plugins in order to do this tutorial,
please install them and restart your psp and you are ready to go :)
I will not give you any links to the plugin filters, cause the links change all the time,
so if you are missing a plugin - just google for it.

The plugin filters you need are:
VM Natural (Speed)
VM Extravaganza (Transmission)
Simple filters (Quick tile)

Okey... let's get started :)

1. Open a new image (File/New) with settings like below:
New image, width & height 200 pixels, 16 Million colors and transparent background

2. Floodfill with a dark color, I used #747669

3. Use a light color (I used #d9d8c4) and with your paintbrush, settings like this:
Brush settings
draw a big "X" at your image like this:
Draw a big X at your image

4. Go to Effects/Plugins/VM Natural/Speed with these settings:
Speed settings, Direction: 229, Speed: 148, Gap: 42, Intensity: 104

5. Again, use VM Natural and speed but change the direction settings to 133

6. Use VM Natural and speed a third time and change direction settings to 38

7. Go to Effects/Plugins/VM Extravaganza/Transmission with these settings:
Transmission settings: Line width: 3, Offset: 0, Contrast: 2

8. Go to Effects/Plugins/Simple/Quick tile and press Apply

You should now have an image looking like this:
Finished image


Thank you for following my tutorial.
If you have any questions of comments feel free to send me an email.