Ornament Background

This tutorial is written for Paint Shop Pro, version 8.
The only thing you will need to follow this tutorial
is Paint Shop Pro, download a demo here:  http://www.jasc.com.

This is what we are going to create:
Finished background image

If you would like to have the same result and colours that I got,
please download the picture that I used: Download image.
Unzip the image to your favourite folder, open up in PSP,
duplicate it (Shift+D) and close the original.
You can use any picture that you would like,
but in order to get the best result you will have
to use an image that does not contain to many details.

First we are going to sharpen the image a bit,
choose Adjust/Sharpness/Unsharp mask
with these settings:
Unsharp mask settings: Radius- 2, Strength - 100, Clipping - 5

Repeat again with them same settings.

Now go to Effects/Distortion Effects/Warp:
Warp settings: horizontal and vertical - 0, size and strength 50

Let's add a sunburst effect.
Effects/Illumination Effects/Sunburst with these settings:
Sunburst - use the preset called 'Bottom Left'

Go to Effects/Distortion Effects/CurlyQs with these settings:
Curlycues: colums and rows - 4, symmetric checked, radius - 100, strength - 20, clockwise checked
Edge mode should be set to Repeat.

Now let's add a mirror effect, choose
Effects/Reflection Effects/Rotating Mirror:
Rotating mirror: horizontal - 0, rotation angle - 180

The image has gotten a bit blury after all effects,
use Unsharp Mask with the same settings as above
to sharpen the image.

To be able to use the image as a background we will
now make the image seamless.
Click on your selection tool and in the
tool option box look for this little symbol:   Custom selection   - tryck på den.
Click on it and then enter the following numbers.
Custom selection: left - 100, top - 75, right - 300, bottom - 225
You will now have an area selected.
Press Ctrl+C and after that Ctrl+V to copy and paste
as a new image.

Choose Effects/Image Effects/Seamless Tiling with these settings:
Seamless tiling: Tiling method - Corner, Direction - Vertical, Settings - Vertical offset: 0 och Transition 76

If you want to you can use Unsharp Mask again,
otherwise you are finished!

Thank you for doing my tutorial.
If you have any questions or comments - feel free to email me.